Our purpose in the A.K.K.I. is to continue to create, innovate and perpetuate the ever changing and fascinating art of American Kenpo. Our main focus is ensuring that our members have the highest level of proficiency and knowledge as possible. Once understanding the principles upon which Kenpo is based, our students will learn that American Kenpo is one of the most effective and efficient, complete self defense systems, as well as an art, because of it's implementation of scientific laws. Whenever there is doubt, each sequence of motion is questioned, analyzed, and defined by the guiding principles, laws, and disciplines of mathematics, physics, geometry, physiology, and kinesiology. They are then adopted and perfected to ensure sophistication in addition to elevating the student to unparalleled proficiency through innovation.


Our united goal is to elevate and innovate the art of American Kenpo Karate, making it better than when we found it. It is an International forum for all American Kenpo practitioners who have the desire to enhance their proficiency and knowledge in the street science of American Kenpo. Like other sciences, American Kenpo is in a constant state of upgrade. Times dictate change and progress and therefore Kenpo too must continuously be adapted to blend with the circumstances and times. We cannot afford to solve today's problems with yesterdays solutions. Increasing our knowledge is not enough, we must strive to understand what we have learned. To have knowledge of it is not the same as knowing it.

(From AKKI.com)

The American Kenpo Karate International (A.K.K.I.) was founded by Mr. Paul Mills, Senior Master of the Art. The schools and clubs of the A.K.K.I. have very skillful and knowledgeable instructors that teach the art as outlined by Mr. Mills. The A.K.K.I. has Ed Parker's Kenpo System at it's base, but has expanded the curriculum to include many new empty hand, stand up grappling, ground fighting, knife (single & double) and stick (single & double) material. To learn more about what the A.K.K.I. is all about read the A.K.K.I.'s Mission Statement.

One of the biggest differences in the way people execute their actions in the A.K.K.I., when compared to other associations and groups, is the use of the master key "Rhythmic Timing Patterns". All of the updates and new material in the A.K.K.I. include the use of these timing patterns. They help the practitioner move with explosive and powerful action. The study of the rhythmic timing patterns are at the base of the Paul Mills Kenpo style. All of the new A.K.K.I. curriculum also follows Mr. Mills philosophy that "Structure Governs Function". These changes and updates have made the A.K.K.I. brand of American Kenpo a powerful and modern system of self-defense to learn and study.