Here at Southside Combat Club, we pride ourselves on teaching practical self-defense skills to individuals with no (or little) experience in the martial arts. Through drills and motions based on natural movement, you will learn how to use your hands, elbows, knees and feet in quick and powerful fashion against a variety of attack scenarios; you will also learn confidence, coordination, agility and balance! Our systems (Dynamic Kenpo Concepts and Tetsujiinkai Karate) are designed to a) be easily learned and b) tailored to fit YOUR individual needs!

Every new student begins the program with the same basic drills, performed on a punching bag - relaxed repetitions to help ingrain the first set of striking skills before applying the movements with a live training partner; the techniques are taught at the student's pace, with attention to technical detail rather than intensity.

And best of all, our classes are taught in a quiet residential area - no large store-front windows for random spectators, just a positive and laid-back (small-group) setting! We keep our class sizes small to allow more personal attention to each individual student, and we personalize your goals and progress.