Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you call it 'Southside Combat Club'? Sounds like six-year-olds fighting in cage matches. (yes, someone actually asked me this once)

Heard a line from a movie that really stuck with me: "Everyone has their fight." And most fights in our lives, have nothing to do with fists or knees; most fights are ultimately between what each of us could be, and the things within that pull us down. Each of us have something we struggle against, something we try to overcome - the purpose of a Combat Club is to provide tools and perspectives that apply to any struggle. In our Dojo, we have a saying: "What applies to fighting, also applies to living."

What makes your school different than other schools and styles?

First of all, we specialize in teaching beginners with little-to-no experience! And secondly, we like to say that our school has two sides to its operation: self-preservation, and self-actualization. 

Self-Preservation (Martial Science):

Self-preservation is the simple and direct basics of our combative methods, the ‘bread-and-butter’ tools that prevail against violent threats.  The true purpose of our self-defense program isn’t competition or tradition, but rather victory and survival through an effective expression of the human body and spirit. Mixed martial arts competition is quite popular, but learning to compete in a combat sport with rules and a referee is quite different than learning to defend your own life in a real altercation (where there are no rules or limits to the level of potential violence). Our self-defense program teaches the individual student to develop solid combat attributes and methods for use in such an altercation.

The philosophy that drives our efforts can be found within the words of Guro Dan Inosanto:

“LOVE is the highest art. In ancient times you trained so hard, not for the sake of killing people, but for the love of your family: for the love of your mother, your father, your children, your tribe, and your body. It is the love of life. That’s why we train so hard, so you can preserve life.”

Self-Perfection (Martial Art):

Self-Perfection refers to fortifying the individual student through character and confidence development, goal-setting and team-building skills; learning to apply the concepts of fighting to everyday life.

So what makes Kenpo different, and why should I study it?

What we teach is the articulate use of one's fingers, hands, elbows, knees, shins and feet to attack an opponent's anatomical targets in a rapid and devastating fashion; we utilize effective principles of motion that are not commonly found in other arts. Rather than teach outdated techniques based on weapons and methods from centuries past, our system is updated to address common attacks found in the present day. 

The world has become more violent with each successive generation: When asked "why should I study martial arts?", I in turn ask "what do you have to protect, and how far are you willing to go in order to protect it?" Perhaps you want to learn how to defend yourself or your loved ones, perhaps you want to gain confidence, perhaps you need a new outlet; your reasons are your own, but Kenpo Karate is meant to serve you, the individual.

And best of all, the system is designed to be learned easily with practice!

Do you do belts and karate uniforms? 

Yes and yes; we implement a traditional belt system as a set of progressive building blocks of skill and knowledge; however, we don't get caught up in the belts. As for uniforms, yes - though we generally don't require them except on formal testing day.

How long will it take to get a black belt?

That’s entirely up to you. But understand one vital truth here at SCC – the belt around your waist is simply a symbolic reflection of the physical and mental level of standards you have accomplished. It is YOU that matters, not the belt. As a black belt is a white belt who never gives up, the path to black belt is found by striving to improve by just one percent each day, to consistently discover your very best effort and self. But also remember – reaching black belt is considered a new beginning, another door towards higher levels of learning!

As for the length of time, I’d prefer to say “one day at a time.” Some learn at a faster pace, while some won’t be able to make every class offered during the week. Find YOUR own pace and build your individual goals. Some reach black belt within four years, some take up to seven; the average length of time here at SCC is between four to five years – we’re definitely not a belt factory, but an institution dedicated to making you the best martial artist that you can possibly be!

However, I must present one caveat – the belt means little inside the dojo, and far less outside of it. Let the person it takes to earn the belt be the desired accomplishment, rather than the fabric itself. And trust in the fact that any belt awarded in our school is truly earned, through dedication, hard work, knowledge and ability.


How do I get started?

To get started, give us a call or come by to watch a group class in each program - then speak with the instructor to schedule three (free) introductory classes. After three classes, if you wish to continue, we set up tuition and order you a uniform!

Will I have to sign a contract?

No! We have zero contracts within our programs. Tuition is done on a month-to-month basis.

I'm out of shape and too old - could I really train?

We base our teaching on YOU, the individual student - your reasons, needs, strengths and weaknesses. Remember, nothing that we do is a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach, we tailor the art to you! The only things you need to start is a willingness to work hard and the desire to learn to defend yourself.

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