Reviews & Testimonies

Sifu Jay came into my life a year ago, and changed it for the better. I not only love his class but his personality and passion were what kept me coming to class, even when I was tired after a long day and needed motivation. I was his student in Mississippi and only got not quite a year with him, but what I learned, especially mentally, will stick with me forever. Awesome teacher and friend.- Kelly B.

Jay is very passionate about kenpo and truly enjoys sharing his expertise with others. He’s a great teacher and makes training fun and rewarding.- Daniel P.

Sifu Jason Creel has one of the most efficient and effective interpretations of American Kenpo that I’ve seen in all my years in the martial arts. He backs up the original curriculum with his own practical approaches and experiences from Kenpo, BJJ, and Wing Chun. If you get the chance, TRAIN with him. You won’t regret it.- Corey H.