Within the martial arts, there are two separate philosophies of training and application: the Watchmaker and the Iron Worker:

The Watchmaker is very precise, technical with great attention to detail, using pure technique to overcome obstacles; the Iron Worker is very strong, relying on aggressive quality and hard training to forge his weapons.

Here at SCC, we offer two separate programs in order to better meet the needs of a diverse community of students: the Dynamic Kenpo Concepts system (Watchmaker) and the Tetsujiinkai Karate system (Iron Worker).

Tetsujiinkai Karate

(Freestyle Fighting, ages 16+)

Tetsujiinkai ("Iron Temple Society") Karate was founded as a no-nonsense, hardcore training system for those students more 'fighting-oriented;' this is a more bare-boned, closed fist method that utilizes contact sparring, live drilling, progressive intensity and body/weapon conditioning. The methods trained here apply to both competition (MMA, Kickboxing, Full Contact Karate) and street defense. Our motto and training philosophy are the same: "By Fire, We Are Forged."

Tetsujiinkai Karate is a collaborative effort between the American Society of Kenpo Karate and the Dynamic Kenpo Fighting Arts Association; the system was co-founded by Dr. David Crouch and Sensei Jason Creel to meet the needs of those better served by harsher training methods and philosophies.