​​ Meet Our Instructor

Jason Creel
Head Instructor/Founder

Sensei Jason "Jay" Creel has actively trained in the martial arts since 1994, having studied his primary art of American Kenpo since '95; Jay has also trained in Aumakua Lima, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Filipino Martial Arts, Contemporary Jeet Kune Do, Shotokan Karate, Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts methods. In addition to the martial arts, Jay holds a Bachelor's Degree in Recreation Therapy, a Master's Degree in Healthcare Administration and is a licensed Nursing Home Administrator. His previous professional experience as a certified recreation therapist has lent itself to his teaching efforts with children and adults of varying degrees of ability.

Sensei Creel believes in a proper balance between the Watchmaker side (technical self-defense) and the Iron Worker side (hard freestyle Kumite) of the Art, and uses an eclectic approach to training these areas. The philosophy is simple: Make your training honest and realistic, leaving no room for doubt or blind faith regarding what works and what doesn't. This ideology led him to found the Dynamic Kenpo Concepts system, to change with the times and produce a better fighter within the everyday individual.

* Sixth Degree Black Belt / Founder / Senior Teacher, Dynamic Kenpo Concepts
* Co-Founder / Kaiso, Tetsujiinkai Karate
* Second Degree Black Belt, AKKI American Kenpo Karate 

* First Degree Black Belt, Saito-Ha Shotokan Karate 
* Apprentice Instructor ranking, Contemporary Jeet Kune Do
* Headmaster, Southside Combat Club/Tetsujiinkai Dojo
* President and Founder, Dynamic Kenpo Fighting Arts Association
* Vice President, American Society of Kenpo Karate
* 2022 Inductee/Sustaining Member, Kenpo International Hall of Fame
* Featured in the Kenpo Continuum (Second Edition)
* Bachelor of Science degree (2005), Therapeutic Recreation
* Master of Public Health degree (2012), Health Policy & Administration

Our History

Southside Combat Club originally began in 1998 as the Hattiesburg Kenpo Academy, specializing in the art of American Kenpo Karate; we began as a small class in my backyard, then became sponsored by the same church my first teacher once taught at. From there, I found the AKKI and we stepped up to the next level of technical quality and skill. We operated until 2004, when school and career demands required a shift in my focus; however, I still taught privately on the side in Hattiesburg (MS), Meridian (MS), Baton Rouge (LA) and Bountiful (UT) - all while training and evolving my craft through various arts and methods. 

In 2009, I came back home to Mississippi and began teaching there again in 2010; I taught in Hattiesburg, MS from 2010 to 2016, Madison, MS from 2017 to 2018 and we have now settled in Semmes, AL (2018).