05/20/2023: Congratulations Michael Geter on that DKC Purple Belt! Well done!

03/11/2023: Congratulations to Taylor Evans on becoming SCC's first promoted black belt! Taylor began his study of American Kenpo/Dynamic Kenpo Concepts in 2011, and I am beyond proud to have instructed him and watch him grow into a fighter and black belt. 

11/22/2022: Michael Geter, you rocked out your first belt test here at SCC! Congrats and well done!

08/20/2022: Sensei Creel was inducted into the Kenpo Hall of Fame at the 2022 Gathering of Eagles in St. Louis, MO!

08/30/2019: We are discontinuing our Kids Kenpo classes for the time being; I've accepted a job in Mississippi which presents a hefty drive to and from work, thus cutting into the regular training time. :( :( :(

06/19/2019: Justin Hollingshead rocked out his AKKI Kenpo Orange Belt test in the 90-degree Alabama weather - well done!!

05/23/2019: Congratulations to Jaycee Tran, Ryland Tran and Ayden Clark for earning their Jr. Orange Belts!

04/28/2019: Congratulations to Donald Magee on rocking that AKKI Kenpo Yellow Belt test! 

01/19/2019: First AKKI Kenpo promotion in our new location - congrats to Justin Hollingshead on that Yellow belt!

11/29/2018: Congratulations to Ayden Clark, Jaycee Tran and Ryland Tran for earning their Jr. Yellow Belts today - awesome test!

09/01/2018: We are starting up our Kids Kenpo class this month!

06/01/2018: We have moved to Semmes, AL and are now offering adult classes weekly!

01/30/2018: Congratulations to Daniel Pickett on his successful test and promotion to Yellow Belt (American Kenpo Karate)!

12/19/2017: Congratulations to Kelly Brentz on her successful test and promotion to Yellow Belt in American Kenpo Karate!

06/01/2017: Welcome Daniel and Kelly to the SMA training group! It is awesome to have you both.

05/01/2017: We are officially underway in Madison, MS! We offer two weekly classes.