Why Train Here?

Do you want to learn how to better protect and defend yourself in an environment without egos, sport fighting or a large store-front window? Then give us a try!

- We specialize in teaching individuals with little or no experience in martial arts training. 

- We personalize YOUR goals based on your individual NEEDS and STRENGTHS. 

- We maintain small class sizes to allow more individual attention to each and every student. 

- We train in a relaxed, positive atmosphere intended to make training more enjoyable. 

- We train in a quiet, residential area without the public hustle, window spectators or crowds. 

- We teach a system based on technique rather than strength, speed rather than size and is equally suited for both men and women.

- Our tried-and-tested training methods WILL increase your speed, reflex and muscle memory in a much shorter timeframe.

- The system is based on movements you ALREADY know - it is said if you can throw a frisbee, saw a log or hammer a nail, then you can learn - and master - the Kenpo system!