Our Mission is to


individuals to protect and elevate themselves

through the martial arts!

Welcome to our website! Southside Combat Club in Semmes, Alabama specializes in teaching practical self-defense to students with no experience, all in a user-friendly environment – no acrobatics, cage fighting, or egos; just everyday people learning to protect, improve and empower themselves!  

Do you want to learn how to better protect yourself? Our experienced and patient staff is here to help you reach YOUR goals! We specialize in teaching individuals with little-or-no training experience; we tailor our teaching methods to augment YOUR natural strengths and talents. And while learning practical self-defense, you'll also develop greater coordination, balance, reflexes and confidence!

Member School, American Kenpo Karate International

Headquarter Dojo, Dynamic Kenpo Fighting Arts Association

Member School, American Society of Kenpo Karate

Member School, World Kenpo KaiKan Organization

Executive Member, Intercontinental Martial Arts Union

Member, International Karate Connection Association